All hail deliciousness!

The Cupcake Lady was established to create the most delicious cupcakes in town....
We are a home based business and bake all cupcakes to order with a whole lot of love.
We use only the best ingredients we can find such as.....
  • ~flour that is organic and better for your tummy,
  • ~free range eggs from local hens,
  • ~biodynamic milk from local mooo cows,
  • ~pure tahitian vanilla, sugar that is raw,
  • ~couverture chocolate that is full of flavour,
  • ~oils that are better for you such as sunflower oil and pure cold pressed coconut oil.
    ~vegan and GF cupcakes for those in need
    ~a housemade gluten free flour blend that will leave you this GF?
All made from scratch and each crafted by hand.
We hope you enjoy your delicousness!

Janet O'Sullivan